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First Conference of 2020!

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Jan. 10, 2020

Did you see us at the 70th Agronomic Congress of Chile recently? Our representative had a great time and enjoyed speaking with everyone! Keep an eye out for upcoming confernces as well because conference season 2020 (let's be honest, it's ...

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A Fresh Perspective on Produce Storage

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Jan. 9, 2020

Food security and the quality of products are two vital aspects that concern not only producers, but also planners and governments. Nearly half of the fresh produce is lost, but much of this loss can be prevented by using technological ...

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Gas Analysis in Agriculture

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Jan. 6, 2020

Three main gases have to be monitored in the production of fruits and vegetables: oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ethylene. They are essential in the post-harvest stage and greenhouse production of vegetables and fruits. We discuss the roles of the three ...

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Spectroscopy in Agriculture

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Dec. 30, 2019

Spectroscopy is a sensitive technology that allows precise analysis of food and is used for quality control. Infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet-visual, Raman, nuclear magnetic resonance, and atomic emission spectroscopies are commonly used in agriculture. The incorporation of these spectroscopies into small ...

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Avocado, Kiwi and Mango Quality Meters Raise Expectations for their Simplicity of Handling and Savings

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Dec. 17, 2019

Felix Instruments Application Scientist, Eric Munoz-Garcia, visited Valencia, Spain last week to put on a couple different workshops for our Avocado Quality Meter!  Poscosecha was there and had this to say about the events:

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